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AAUW – School Support Committee

The School Support Committee coordinates opportunities for Branch members to provide safe, practical assistance to Petaluma students and teachers who are currently challenged by virtual instruction. We are working in collaboration with Mentor Me and its parent organization, Petaluma People Services Center in these areas:

MENTORING: Students who are having trouble engaging in online instruction benefit greatly from regular online interaction with a caring adult.

CHILDCARE FUNDING: Safe, in-person academic support is being set up for small “cohorts” of elementary school students, but quite a few families cannot afford to pay for their children’s supervision or day care after 3 pm.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR FOOD: Hunger is an issue for low-income families where parents have lost their jobs or where one parent now has to stay home to take care of young children.

For information on how you can help, contact Karen Johnson or call 707-778-2283.





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