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Drama Reading in Past Years

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Year: Play Title: Author:
2015-2016 Jakes Women
2015-2016 Hay Fever
2015-2016 A Murder is Announced
2015-2016 The Time of the Cuckoo
2015-2016 Walking on the Moon
2015-2016 California Suite
2015-2016 Beyond Reasonable Doubt
2015-2016 Broadway Bound
2013-2014 The Price Arthur Miller
2013-2014 Laughter on the 23rd Floor Neil Simon
2013-2014 Pieces of Sky Kaki Warner
2013-2014 The Odd Couple Neil Simon
2013-2014 Black Coffee, based on story by Agatha Christie
2013-2014 The Hound of the Baskervilles based on story by Sir Conan Doyle
2013-2014 Private Lives Noel Coward
2013-2014 Little Foxes Lillian Hellman
2012-2013 The Waiting Room
2012-2013 The Fox on the Fairway
2012-2013 Nude with Violin
2012-2013 For Her Che-ild's Sake
2012-2013 Defying Gravity
2012-2013 Over the River and through the Woods
2012-2013 The Robin Hood Caper
2012-2013 Queen Mili of Galt
2011-2012 Ten Little Indians Agatha Christie
2011-2012 Other People’s Money Jerry Sterner
2011-2012 Tesla’s Letters Jeffrey Stanley
2011-2012 Wuthering Heights E. Bronte/R. Carter
2011-2012 The Real Thing Tom Stoppard
2011-2012 On Golden Pond Ernest Thompson
2011-2012 The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail J. Lawrence /R.E. Lee
2011-2012 The Cherry Orchard Anton Chekov
2008-2009 A Plague of Angels Mark St.Germain 
2008-2009 Shakespeare In Hollywood  Ken Ludwig
2008-2009 White Buffalo Don Zolidis
2008-2009 Butterflies Are Free Leonard Gershe
2008-2009 Open Secrets Dale Wassermann
2008-2009 Gem of the Ocean August Wilson
2008-2009 Perfect Wedding Robin Hawdon
2008-2009 2 Across Jerry Mayer
2007-2008 Our Town Thornton Wilder
2007-2008 Enchanted April Matthew Barber
2007-2008 Vincent in Brixton Nicholas Wright
2007-2008 Night Watch Lucille Fletcher
2007-2008 7 Short Farces Anton Chekhov
2007-2008 The Importance Oscar Wilde
2007-2008 The Rainmaker Richard Nash
2007-2008 The White Sheep of the Family L. Peach and I. Hay


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